meepo hurrican review

The way we commute has changed, and electric skateboards are now a common option for those who wish to cover small distances swiftly and effectively. A high-performance electric skateboard made specifically for speed freaks is called the Meepo Hurricane. To assist you in deciding if the Meepo Hurricane is the ideal electric skateboard for you, we will review the Meepo Hurricane in-depth in this post.

What is Meepo Hurricane?

Electric skateboards like the Meepo Hurricane are built for performance and speed. With a peak speed of 28 miles per hour (45 kilometers per hour) and a range of up to 19 miles (30 kilometers) on a single charge, it is one of the most potent electric skateboards.

meepo hurricane review

It is strong and dependable since it is constructed with a long-lasting deck comprised of 8 layers of Canadian maple and 2 layers of fiberglass. A strong battery, two motors, and a remote control that provides exact control over the skateboard’s speed and direction are among the skateboard’s other high-quality components.

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Features of the Meepo Hurricane

Before we dive into the performance of the Meepo Hurricane, let’s take a closer look at its features. Here are some of the key specs and features of this electric skateboard:

  • Top speed of 28 mph
  • Range of up to 19 miles on a single charge
  • Dual 3000-watt motors
  • 100mm wheels for a smooth ride
  • 9-layer maple deck with a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Wireless remote control with four riding modes
  • The regenerative braking system for safe and efficient stopping
  • IP65 water-resistant rating for all-weather riding

Key features of Meepo Hurricane

The Meepo Hurricane comes packed with a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for speed demons. Some of the key features of the Meepo Hurricane include:

Range and Speed

The Meepo Hurricane can go at a top speed of 28 mph (45 kph), which is faster than the majority of electric skateboards currently on the market. The skateboard’s motors are strong and offer a comfortable and smooth ride. The skateboard’s range is particularly excellent for an electric skateboard, reaching up to 19 miles (30 km) on a single charge. Additionally, the skateboard’s battery life is amazing, and charging takes only 2.5 hours.

Powerful Dual Belt Motors

The Meepo Hurricane’s powerful double motors are one of its most amazing features. It provides up to 3000 watts of power, which is quite more than most electric skateboards do. For an electric skateboard, the two motors’ powerful hill-climbing capabilities i.e. a maximum hill-climbing angle of 30%—are outstanding. For commuters who have to navigate mountains on their route to work or school, this function is very helpful.

The skateboard is more stable and balanced during the ride because of the dual motors’ improved weight distribution. Better control and handling are provided by this feature, especially while riding at high speeds.

meepo hurricane review


The Meepo Hurricane comes with 100mm polyurethane wheels, which are larger than most electric skateboards on the market. The larger wheels provide a smoother and more comfortable ride, as they can absorb more vibrations and bumps on the road.

The polyurethane material of the wheels is also of high quality, providing excellent grip and control on the road. The wheels are durable and can withstand wear and tear, ensuring a long lifespan of the skateboard. The wheels’ size and quality also make them suitable for various terrains, such as smooth roads, rough pavements, and even light off-road trails.

Battery Life

The Meepo Hurricane is equipped with a high-quality battery that provides a maximum range of 19 miles (30 kilometers) on a single charge. The battery is a 10S4P lithium-ion battery pack that is designed for maximum performance and longevity. The battery charges fully in just 2.5 hours, allowing for quick and easy charging.

Its battery life is impressive, with the skateboard providing a long and reliable ride on a single charge. The battery’s range is also ideal for commuting and adventure activities, making it a versatile electric skateboard.

Remote Control

The Meepo Hurricane comes with a remote control that allows for precise control over the skateboard’s speed and direction. The remote control is easy to use, with a simple design that allows for quick and intuitive adjustments. The remote control also has an LED screen that displays the skateboard’s speed, battery life, and other important information.

The remote control is an essential component of the skateboard, providing easy and precise control over the skateboard’s speed and direction. The remote control is lightweight and portable, allowing for easy carrying while riding the skateboard. The remote control also has a wrist strap that provides added security and safety.

The deck

The deck of the board is made from eight layers of Canadian maple wood, which is a durable and high-quality material. The wood’s stiffness and flexibility provide excellent shock absorption, making the ride smoother and more comfortable.

The deck’s size is also suitable for most riders, with a length of 38 inches (96.5 centimeters) and a width of 9 inches (22.8 centimeters). The size provides ample foot space, allowing for a comfortable and stable ride. The deck’s shape is also unique, with a subtle concave design that enhances the skateboard’s stability and control on the road.

Price and Value

The Meepo Hurricane is priced at $749, which is a reasonable price for an electric skateboard with such high performance and quality components. The skateboard provides excellent value for its price, with features and specifications that are comparable to more expensive electric skateboards in the market.

Pros and Cons

Here are some pros and cons of the Meepo Hurricane electric skateboard:


  • High-quality materials and construction
  • Powerful dual motors and advanced ESC system
  • Fast and long-range performance
  • Four riding modes and a smart battery management system
  • Sleek and stylish design with LED lights


  • Slightly heavier and bulkier than some other electric skateboards
  • May take some time to get used to the turbo mode
  • Some users have reported minor issues with the remote control


For riders searching for an electric skateboard that provides exceptional performance, safety, and durability at a reasonable price, the Meepo Hurricane is well worth the money. For riders who have to ride over difficult terrain, the skateboard’s two motors offer strong acceleration and hill-climbing powers.

It offers two engines, trucks, and high-quality wheels that provide stability and control on the road. Riders may feel comfortable using the skateboard due to its safety features, which include strong brakes and a low battery indicator.

The Meepo Hurricane is definitely a board worth taking into consideration if you’re seeking an electric skateboard that can provide an adrenaline-fueled experience. Thanks for reading Meepo Hurricane Review.

FAQs|Meepo Hurricane Review

How fast can the Meepo Hurricane go?

The Meepo Hurricane can reach a maximum speed of 28mph.

How far can the Meepo Hurricane go on a single charge?

The Meepo Hurricane has a range of up to 20 miles on a single charge.

.What is the weight limit for the Meepo Hurricane?

The Meepo Hurricane can support riders of up to 300 pounds.

Is the Meepo Hurricane suitable for beginners?

While the Meepo Hurricane can be ridden by beginners, it is recommended for the more experienced rider

How do I control the Meepo Hurricane?

The Meepo Hurricane is controlled using a wireless remote control that allows you to accelerate, decelerate, and brake.

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