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Skateboarding is a ​thrilling sport ​that requires the ​right equipment ​to ensure a ​smooth and ​safe ride. One ​crucial component ​of a skateboard ​setup is ​the trucks. Choosing ​the correct ​size of skateboard ​trucks is ​essential for optimal ​performance and ​stability. However, understanding ​how to ​measure skateboard trucks ​can be ​a bit confusing, ​especially for ​beginners. In this ​comprehensive guide, ​we will walk ​you through ​the process of ​measuring skateboard ​trucks step by ​step, providing ​you with the ​knowledge you ​need to make ​the right ​choice for your ​board.

Why ​Measure Skateboard Trucks?

​Measuring skateboard ​trucks is crucial ​because choosing ​the wrong size ​can have ​a significant impact ​on your ​ride. Ill-fitting trucks ​can affect ​your balance, stability, ​and maneuverability. ​Trucks that are ​too wide ​or too narrow ​for your ​deck can throw ​off the ​center of gravity ​and cause ​imbalance, making tricks ​difficult to ​perform. On the ​other hand, ​trucks that are ​too narrow ​may result in ​your wheels ​being visible outside ​the deck, ​affecting the aesthetics ​of your ​skateboard. By measuring ​your skateboard ​trucks accurately, you ​can ensure ​a proper fit ​and enhance ​your overall skateboarding experience.

Understanding Skateboard Truck ​Measurements

Before ​diving into the ​process of ​measuring skateboard trucks, ​it’s important ​to understand the ​different truck ​measurements. Skateboard trucks ​are typically ​measured in terms ​of width, ​axle length, and ​height. Let’s ​break down each ​measurement to ​give you a ​better understanding:

Truck Width: The ​truck width ​refers to the ​overall width ​of the hanger, ​which is ​the part of ​the truck ​that holds the ​axle. It’s ​crucial to match ​the truck ​width to the ​deck width ​for optimal performance ​and stability. ​The width of ​the trucks ​should be proportional ​to the ​width of the ​deck.

Axle ​Length: The axle ​length is ​the distance between ​the two ​points where the ​wheels attach ​to the truck. ​Choosing the ​right axle length ​ensures that ​your wheels align ​perfectly with ​the deck, preventing ​any interference ​or imbalance.

Truck ​Height: Skateboard ​trucks come in ​different heights, ​including low, medium, ​and high. ​The truck height ​determines the ​distance between the ​hanger and ​the baseplate. The ​choice of ​truck height depends ​on your ​riding style and ​preferences. Low ​trucks provide stability ​and are ​suitable for technical ​flat ground ​skating, while high ​trucks are ​ideal for carving ​and cruising.

How to Measure Skateboard Trucks?

​Now that we ​have a ​clear understanding of ​skateboard truck ​measurements let’s move ​on to ​the step-by-step process ​of measuring ​skateboard trucks accurately.

Gather the Necessary ​Tools

Before ​you begin measuring ​your skateboard ​trucks, gather the ​necessary tools ​to ensure accurate ​measurements. You ​will need:

  • A ​ruler or ​tape measure: For ​measuring the ​width and axle ​length of ​the truck.
  • A ​skateboard tool: ​Optional but useful ​for more ​precise measurements.
  • Calipers: ​Optional but ​recommended for the ​most accurate ​measurements.

Having these ​tools ready ​will make the ​measurement process ​easier and more ​efficient.

Measure the ​Width of ​the Truck

Start ​by measuring ​the width of ​the truck ​hanger. This will ​give you ​an idea of ​the appropriate ​truck width for ​your deck. ​Use a ruler ​or tape ​measure to measure ​the hanger ​width from inside ​edge to ​inside edge or ​outside edge ​to outside edge. ​Make sure ​to measure in ​millimeters for ​more precise measurements.

Measure the Axle ​Length

Next, ​measure the axle ​length of ​the truck. This ​measurement determines ​how far apart ​your wheels ​will be on ​the skateboard ​deck. Measure from ​the center ​of one axle ​to the ​center of the ​other axle. ​Again, use a ​ruler or ​tape measure and ​measure in ​millimeters.

​Determine the ​Truck Height

Now ​that you ​have measured the ​width and ​axle length, it’s ​important to ​consider the truck ​height. Determine ​whether you prefer ​low, medium, ​or high trucks ​based on ​your riding style ​and preferences. ​Low trucks are ​closer to ​the ground and ​provide stability, ​while high trucks ​offer more ​clearance for larger ​wheels and ​are suitable for ​cruising and ​carving.

​Consider the ​Recommendations and Guidelines

​To ensure ​a proper fit, ​it’s helpful ​to consider the ​recommendations and ​guidelines provided by ​experts and ​manufacturers. These recommendations ​take into ​account the deck ​width and ​suggest suitable truck ​sizes based ​on that measurement. ​Here are ​some general recommendations:

  • ​For a ​deck width of ​7.5″ to ​7.75″, an axle ​width of ​around 194mm is ​recommended.
  • A ​deck width of ​7.875″ to ​8.125″ may require ​an axle ​width of 203mm.
  • ​For a ​deck width of ​8.125″ to ​8.375″, an axle ​width of ​209mm is suggested.

​Keep in ​mind that these ​are just ​general recommendations, and ​personal preferences ​may vary. It’s ​always a ​good idea to ​try different ​truck sizes to ​find the ​one that suits ​your riding ​style and preferences ​best.

Measure the ​Other Truck

​After measuring the ​first truck, ​it’s important to ​measure the ​second truck as ​well. Both ​trucks should have ​the same ​width, axle length, ​and height ​to ensure balance ​and stability. ​If the measurements ​differ, it ​can create an ​imbalance and ​affect your overall riding experience.


Measuring skateboard ​trucks is ​an essential step ​in building ​the perfect skateboard ​setup. By ​following the step-by-step ​process outlined ​in this guide, ​you can ​ensure that your ​trucks are ​the right size ​for your ​deck. Remember to ​consider the ​width, axle length, ​and height ​of the trucks, ​as well ​as any recommendations ​from experts ​or manufacturers. Finding ​the perfect skateboard ​truck size will ​enhance your ​ride, improve your ​performance, and ​ensure a safe ​and enjoyable ​skateboarding experience. So, ​grab your ​ruler or tape ​measure, follow ​the steps, and ​get ready ​to hit the ​streets with ​confidence!


How ​do you ​measure skateboard truck ​size?

To measure skateboard ​truck size, ​use a ruler ​or tape ​measure to measure ​the width ​of the hanger ​and the ​axle length. Measure ​in millimeters ​for more accurate ​measurements.

What is the ​standard size ​for skateboard trucks?

The ​standard size for ​skateboard trucks ​varies depending on ​the deck ​width. It is ​recommended to ​match the overall ​truck width ​to the deck ​width for ​optimal performance and ​stability.

What are the ​different types ​of skateboard trucks?

​There ​are various types ​of skateboard ​trucks, including standard ​trucks, reverse ​kingpin trucks, drop-through ​trucks, mini ​trucks, and longboard ​trucks. Each ​type offers different ​features and ​benefits.

What ​are the ​parts of a ​skateboard truck?

​The main ​parts of ​a skateboard truck ​include the ​hanger, axle, kingpin, ​bushings, and ​baseplate. These components ​work together ​to provide stability, ​maneuverability, and ​control.

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