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Are you looking ​to showcase ​your skateboard collection ​or simply ​want to keep ​your skateboard ​off the ground ​and out ​of the way? ​Hanging up ​your skateboard on ​a wall ​can be a ​great solution. ​In this comprehensive ​guide, we ​will explore different ​methods and ​techniques to hang ​up a ​skateboard without nails, ​ensuring that ​your skateboard is ​securely displayed ​while adding a ​touch of ​style to your ​space. So ​let’s dive in!

How to Hang Up a Skateboard|Different ways

Now that we ​have a ​basic understanding of ​skateboards, let’s ​explore the different ​methods to ​hang up a ​skateboard on ​a wall without ​nails. We’ll ​discuss options such ​as specialized ​skateboard hangers, adhesive ​hooks, DIY ​solutions, and more. ​Choose the ​method that suits ​your preferences ​and meets your ​specific requirements.

​Skateboard Wall ​Mount

If ​you want a ​sturdy and ​reliable option to ​hang up ​your skateboard, a ​skateboard wall ​mount is an ​excellent choice. ​These wall mounts ​are specifically ​designed to securely ​hold skateboards ​while adding a ​stylish touch ​to your wall. ​They are ​available in various ​styles and ​materials, ensuring a ​perfect fit ​for your skateboard ​and your ​aesthetic preferences. Simply ​follow the ​instructions provided with ​the wall ​mount to attach ​it to ​your wall and ​display your ​skateboard with confidence.

​Fishing ​Wire Method

For ​a simple ​and cost-effective way ​to hang ​up your skateboard, ​consider using ​fishing wire. This ​method involves ​threading the fishing ​wire through ​the holes in ​your skateboard ​and hanging it ​on a ​nail or hook ​on the ​wall. While this ​method is ​easy to implement, ​it may ​not provide the ​same level ​of stability as ​other options. ​Keep in mind ​that the ​skateboard may swing ​when exposed ​to wind or ​accidental bumps, ​and it may ​lean against ​the wall, potentially ​causing damage ​to both the ​skateboard and ​the wall.

Picture Frame ​Style

If you ​prefer a ​more professional and ​visually appealing ​display, consider hanging ​your skateboard ​using plugs and ​screws, similar ​to how you ​would hang ​a picture frame. ​This method ​provides a cleaner ​look, as ​the fishing wire ​is not ​visible. To implement ​this method, ​use screws and ​plugs to ​securely attach the ​skateboard to ​the wall. Ensure ​that the ​screws are properly ​fastened, allowing ​the skateboard to ​hang evenly ​without the risk ​of falling.

​Shelf Display

​Another creative ​way to showcase ​your skateboard ​is by using ​a shelf ​with a raised ​side. This ​method works particularly ​well for ​horizontal-designed skateboards. Place ​the skateboard ​on the shelf, ​ensuring that ​the raised side ​prevents it ​from sliding off. ​This display ​option adds a ​unique touch ​to your wall ​while keeping ​your skateboard safely ​and stylishly ​displayed.

Non-Hanging ​Display Options

​If you prefer ​not to ​hang your skateboard, ​there are ​alternative display options ​available. You ​can place your ​skateboard on ​a sturdy surface ​such as ​a cupboard or ​fireplace mantel. ​However, keep in ​mind that ​this method is ​more suitable ​for horizontal skateboard ​designs, as ​vertical ones may ​have a ​tendency to fall over.

Additional Tips for ​Hanging Up ​a Skateboard

Regardless ​of the ​method you choose ​to hang ​up your skateboard, ​there are ​a few additional ​tips to ​keep in mind ​to ensure ​the longevity and ​safety of ​your skateboard:

  • Choose ​a clean ​and smooth surface: ​Before attaching ​any hooks, mounts, ​or adhesives, ​ensure that the ​surface you’re ​attaching your skateboard ​to is ​clean and smooth. ​This will ​prevent any damage ​to the ​skateboard and ensure ​a secure ​hold.
  • Consider weight ​and size: ​Take into account ​the weight ​and size of ​your skateboard ​when selecting the ​appropriate hanging ​method. Ensure that ​the chosen ​method can adequately ​support the ​weight of the ​skateboard to ​prevent any accidents ​or damage.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures ​and moisture: ​When choosing a ​location to ​hang your skateboard, ​avoid areas ​with extreme temperatures ​or excessive ​moisture. Extreme temperatures ​can potentially ​damage the skateboard ​materials, while ​moisture can cause ​warping or ​other damage.
  • Protect ​the skateboard ​from sunlight: Direct ​sunlight can ​fade the graphics ​on your ​skateboard and cause ​the deck ​to warp. Avoid ​hanging your ​skateboard in direct ​sunlight to ​preserve its appearance ​and structural ​integrity.
  • Regularly check ​the hanging ​mechanism: Periodically inspect ​the hooks, ​mounts, or adhesives ​you used ​to hang up ​your skateboard. ​Ensure that they ​are still ​secure and show ​no signs ​of wear or ​damage. If ​necessary, replace any ​worn-out or ​damaged components to ​maintain the ​integrity of the display.


Hanging up ​a skateboard ​on a wall ​without nails ​is not only ​a practical ​way to store ​your skateboard ​but also an ​opportunity to ​showcase your collection ​or add ​a decorative touch ​to your ​space. From specialized ​skateboard wall ​mounts to DIY ​options using ​fishing wire or ​shelves, there ​are numerous methods ​available to ​suit your needs ​and preferences.

Remember to consider ​the weight ​and size of ​your skateboard, ​choose a clean ​and smooth ​surface, and regularly ​inspect the ​hanging mechanism to ​ensure a ​secure and visually ​appealing display. ​So go ahead, ​pick your ​preferred method, and ​proudly display ​your skateboard on the wall!

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