Can You Get A DUI On A Skateboard?

When it comes to navigating the complex world of DUI (Driving Under the Influence) laws, it’s crucial to understand how they apply to various situations. We often associate DUI with cars and motorcycles, but what about skateboards? Can you get a DUI on a skateboarding? In this detailed guide, we’re going to explore this topic, but let’s keep it conversational and easy to grasp.

What is a DUI?

Driving Under the ​Influence, commonly ​known as DUI, ​is a ​serious criminal offense ​that happens ​when someone drives ​a vehicle ​while their ability ​to do ​so is compromised ​due to ​alcohol or drug ​consumption. In ​most states, it’s ​against the ​law to operate ​a vehicle ​with a Blood ​Alcohol Concentration ​(BAC) of 0.08% ​or higher. ​It’s essential to ​note that ​specific regulations might ​apply to ​various drivers, such ​as commercial ​drivers or those ​who are ​under 21 years ​old, with ​some states imposing ​even stricter ​BAC limits for ​these groups. ​These laws are ​in place ​to ensure the ​safety of ​everyone on the road.

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Can You Get A DUI On A Skateboard?

Can You Get a DUI on a Skateboard?

The short answer ​to this ​question is yes, ​it is ​possible to get ​a DUI ​on a skateboard ​in some ​jurisdictions. However, the ​laws and ​regulations surrounding DUIs ​on skateboards ​can vary significantly ​depending on ​where you are ​located.

In ​some states of america, skateboards ​are considered ​to be vehicles ​and are ​subject to the ​same laws ​and regulations as ​other types ​of vehicles. This ​means that ​if you are ​riding a ​skateboard while under ​the influence ​of alcohol or ​drugs, you ​could potentially be ​charged with ​a DUI.

For ​example, in ​California, skateboards are ​considered to ​be vehicles under ​the California ​Vehicle Code, and ​it is ​illegal to operate ​any vehicle ​while under the ​influence of ​alcohol or drugs. ​This includes ​skateboards, as well ​as other ​types of vehicles ​such as ​cars, motorcycles, and ​bicycles.

In ​other states, skateboards ​may not ​be explicitly defined ​as vehicles ​under the law, ​but it ​is still possible ​to be ​charged with a ​DUI while ​riding one. For ​example, in ​New York, it ​is illegal ​to operate any ​”vehicle” while ​under the influence ​of alcohol ​or drugs, and ​the definition ​of a “vehicle” ​includes “any ​device or means ​of transportation ​for the conveyance ​of persons ​or property.” This ​could potentially ​include skateboards, depending ​on how ​the law is ​interpreted.

In ​some jurisdictions, it ​may also ​be possible to ​be charged ​with a DUI-related ​offense, such ​as reckless driving ​or negligent ​operation of a ​vehicle, while ​riding a skateboard.

​So to ​sum it up, ​can you ​get a DUI ​on a ​skateboard? No. But ​you can ​get charged with ​other offenses ​if skateboarding while ​impaired, so ​it’s best to ​stay safe ​and keep sober while skateboarding.

Can You Get A DUI On A Skateboard? 

What are the Penalties for Skateboarding Under the Influence?

When ​it comes to ​skateboarding while ​under the influence, ​the consequences ​can vary depending ​on where ​you’re skating. In ​most states, ​skateboards aren’t treated ​like motor ​vehicles, so you ​can’t get ​a DUI for ​riding one ​while you’re intoxicated. ​However, you ​could still face ​charges for ​other things like ​being really ​drunk in public, ​acting recklessly, ​or causing a ​disturbance.

The ​penalties for these ​actions can ​be quite different ​from place ​to place. You ​might have ​to pay fines, ​spend time ​in jail, or ​both. For ​example, in California, ​if you’re ​caught being super ​drunk in ​public, you could ​be fined ​up to $250 ​or spend ​up to six ​months in ​jail. In Oregon, ​if you ​do something really ​reckless, you ​might face a ​fine of ​up to $2,500 ​or spend ​up to five ​years in ​jail.

But aside ​from the ​legal consequences, there ​are other ​negative outcomes that ​can come ​from skateboarding under ​the influence. ​You could end ​up hurting ​yourself or others, ​damaging property, ​or even getting ​banned from ​certain skateboarding spots.

​It’s essential ​to understand that ​even if ​you don’t get ​into legal ​trouble, skateboarding while ​intoxicated is ​seriously risky. Alcohol ​and drugs ​can mess with ​your balance, ​coordination, and judgment, ​making it ​hard to skateboard ​safely.

If ​you’re concerned about ​the potential ​downsides of skateboarding ​under the ​influence, it’s probably ​best to ​avoid doing it ​altogether. If ​you’ve been drinking, ​consider taking ​a taxi or ​asking a ​friend to give ​you a ​lift home. And ​if you ​do decide to ​go skateboarding, ​always take precautions ​by wearing ​protective gear like a helmet.

Here are some of the penalties for skateboarding under the influence in different states:

  • California: Fine of up to $250 and/or up to six months in jail for public intoxication.
  • Oregon: Fine of up to $2,500 and/or up to five years in jail for reckless endangerment.
  • Texas: Fine of up to $500 and/or up to 30 days in jail for disorderly conduct.
Can You Get A DUI On A Skateboard?

Can a DUI on a Skateboard Affect My Driver’s License?

Yes, a DUI ​on a ​skateboard can affect ​your driver’s ​license, even if ​it is ​not considered a ​motor vehicle ​in your state. ​This is ​because many states ​have laws ​that allow the ​Department of ​Motor Vehicles (DMV) ​to suspend ​or revoke your ​driver’s license ​for certain offenses, ​even if ​they were not ​committed in ​a motor vehicle.

​For example, ​in California, the ​DMV can ​suspend your driver’s ​license for ​six months if ​you are ​convicted of public ​intoxication while ​riding a skateboard. ​And in ​Oregon, the DMV ​can suspend ​your driver’s license ​for one ​year if you ​are convicted ​of a DUI ​on a ​bicycle or other ​non-motorized vehicle.

​Even if your ​state does ​not have a ​specific law ​that allows the ​DMV to ​suspend your driver’s ​license for ​a DUI on ​a skateboard, ​the DMV may ​still be ​able to do ​so if ​they determine that ​you are ​a danger to ​yourself or ​others. This is ​because most ​states have laws ​that allow ​the DMV to ​suspend or ​revoke your driver’s ​license if ​you have a ​medical condition ​or other impairment ​that affects ​your ability to ​safely operate ​a motor vehicle.

​If you ​are concerned about ​the potential ​impact of a ​DUI on ​a skateboard on ​your driver’s ​license, you should ​consult with ​an attorney. An ​attorney can ​help you understand ​the laws ​in your state ​and can ​represent you if ​you are ​charged with a ​DUI or ​other offense.


Always remember to be aware of your environment when it comes to skateboarding and other activities that require physical exertion. Do not drive any sort of vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, as the consequences of doing so can be severe in the eyes of the law. If you are feeling impaired, call for a ride or ask a friend for a favor. Safety should always be the priority and having a good time can be done responsibly, in a way that does not put yourself or anyone else in danger.


Can you get a DUI on an electric skateboard?

Laws regarding electric skateboards can vary. It’s essential to check your local regulations to determine whether DUI laws apply to electric skateboards in your area.

What are the consequences of skateboarding under the influence?

While you may not get a DUI on a skateboard in some places, you can still face legal consequences for reckless behavior or causing accidents while under the influence.

Is skateboarding under the influence of alcohol dangerous?

Yes, alcohol impairs your ability to skateboard safely. It’s best to avoid it to prevent accidents and injuries.

Are there any alternatives to skateboarding under the influence?

Yes, if you plan to drink, consider using alternative transportation methods like walking, taking public transit, or using designated drivers.

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