Best foldable electric scooter with seat

Who doesn’t want ​a great ​and fun toy ​to ride ​around with? I’m ​sure everyone ​will love having ​one. And ​if you are ​reading this, ​I bet you’re ​also one ​of them. In ​fact, there ​are a lot ​of people ​today who are ​fond of ​riding toys.

Some ​of them ​are riding their ​bicycles, motorcycles, ​and skateboards while ​others are ​riding different kinds ​of scooters. ​If you love ​riding toys, ​then you will ​surely love ​this article. Because ​here in ​this article, I ​will be ​talking about the ​best foldable ​electric scooter with ​seat in ​2023.

Why Buy an Electric Scooter with Seat

There are plenty of reasons to buy an electric scooter with a seat. For one, it’s a great way to get around town without having to walk or pedal. Electric scooters are also much more eco-friendly than gas-powered scooters or cars, so you can feel good about doing your part to help the environment. Another great reason to buy an electric scooter with a seat is that they’re often much cheaper to operate than cars.

You’ll save money on gas, insurance, and parking, and you won’t have to worry about maintenance costs like oil changes or tune-ups. Electric scooters are also very low-maintenance in general, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money keeping yours running. So, if you’re looking for a convenient, affordable, and eco-friendly way to get around, an electric scooter with a seat is a great option.

List of 8 Best Foldable Electric Scooter With Seat

MAXTRA E120 electric scooter

You can ride ​your electric ​scooter in style ​while saving ​time and money ​on parking ​and public transport ​costs. Whether ​you’re a busy ​parent, work ​from home, or ​just want ​to enjoy a ​more enjoyable ​journey, this is ​the answer ​to your needs. ​This scooter ​has been designed ​for everyday ​use so you ​can get ​the most from ​your commute. ​It has been ​designed for ​easy maneuverability to ​keep you ​moving freely throughout ​town.

MAXTRA E120  foldable electric scooter with seat

The compact design ​will not ​get in your ​way and ​the seat can ​be removed ​for transporting your ​child. This ​is ideal for ​short journeys ​around town as ​it only ​takes up half ​the normal ​car space. The ​E120 has ​a maximum load ​capacity of ​155 lbs. The MAXTRA ​is also ​easy to maintain, ​requiring very ​little maintenance. The ​battery lasts ​60 minutes under ​full charge ​and the body ​is easy ​to repair, so ​you can ​save money on ​expensive repairs ​in the future. ​With a ​top speed of ​up to ​10mph, this scooter ​is simple ​to drive and ​suitable for ​both adults and ​children.

It ​is also equipped ​with a ​large-capacity battery that ​can provide ​a maximum speed ​of 10 ​mph for 60 ​minutes. The ​scooter comes with ​a removable ​seat that you ​can change ​depending on your ​mood. When ​you are in ​a rush ​and wish to ​keep up ​with your friends, ​the scooter ​can reach a ​maximum speed ​of 7mph, providing ​you with ​a great balance ​of speed ​and safety.

When you’re finished, ​you can ​easily remove the ​seat and ​put it in ​the basket ​to use as ​a handy ​carry bag. With ​a comfortable ​seat, a kid-friendly ​design, a ​large storage capacity, ​and a ​sturdy frame, the ​E120 makes ​it fun and ​safe for ​you and your ​kids to ​have fun together.

  • Compact design, easy to maneuver
  • Removable seat, easy to carry
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Large capacity battery
  • The folding mechanism is not strong

Razor Pocket Mod electric scooter

Razor Pocket Miniature Euro 24V Electric Kids Ride On Retro Scooter, Speeds up to 15 MPH with 10 Mile Range. This Miniature Ride-On Scooter comes with a long-range 24-volt rechargeable battery which is recharged by the supplied AC adapter and is equipped with a horn. It is compatible with Razor pocket miniature ride-on vehicles which is an amazing experience for kids. Ideal for children aged 6 years and above and suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Also compatible with Razor pocket Miniature Ride-On Vehicles and other products. Suitable for all ages and skill levels.

Razor Pocket Modfoldable electric scooter with seat

This mini motorbike ​combines the ​thrill of riding ​with the ​practicality of electric ​power. Just ​like riding a ​motorcycle, you ​can ride around ​your neighborhood ​or on a ​smooth paved ​road. This bike ​has two ​wheels instead of ​four and ​is much easier ​to handle ​than a larger ​model. As ​soon as you ​put on ​the power it ​will start ​moving, and the ​speed will ​depend on how ​fast you ​squeeze the throttle.

​The high-torque, ​low-speed motor ensures ​kids will ​have loads of ​fun exploring ​the neighborhood with ​their scooters. ​The miniaturized engine ​and low-cost ​batteries mean it ​is ideal ​for urban areas ​where space ​is limited and ​cost savings ​are required. All ​Razor products ​are CE-Certified, ​compliant with ​European safety standards, ​and designed ​to last.

  • Lightweight and compact folding design
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Eco-friendly and environmentally
  • Comfortable seat
  • Doesn’t have a horn

XJD Toddler electric scooter

This kick scooter ​is the ​best option for ​your little ​one as they ​begin to ​learn how to ​ride a ​scooter. Made with ​a sturdy ​frame, the seat ​is fully ​adjustable for extra ​comfort and ​has an extra-wide ​deck and ​wheels that help ​balance and ​steer your child ​as they ​learn. The handlebars ​and foot ​platform are easy ​to grip, ​making it easy ​for kids ​to balance on ​their own. ​This three-wheeled scooter ​is lightweight, ​yet durable, so ​kids will ​be riding this ​scooter for ​years to come. ​If you’re ​looking for a ​quality scooter ​that kids will ​love riding, ​look no further ​than the ​XJD Toddler Scooter.

XJD Toddler foldable electric scooter with seat

The 2-in-1 ​Adjustable/Removable Seat ​Mini Scooter is ​suitable for ​children 3 to ​8 years ​old, it is ​an adjustable ​and removable seat ​scooter, meaning ​your little one ​can sit ​on it comfortably, ​as he ​grows he can ​simply remove ​the seat and ​adjust the ​handlebar, the scooter ​will grow ​with your child ​allowing him ​to enjoy it ​for longer. ​It is ideal ​for little ​one’s ages 3-8 ​with a ​maximum load of ​110 lbs. It ​features 5 inches ​wider PU ​flashing wheels in ​the front ​to provide better ​stability and ​a smoother ride, ​making it ​easier to move ​around and ​maneuver on uneven ​surfaces.

A ​durable PU seat ​with a ​built-in safety cushion ​provides more ​comfort for your ​little one, ​make sure your ​little one ​is in a ​good position ​to sit on ​it. Lean-to-Steer ​technology makes it ​easier for ​your child to ​turn and ​stop with a ​little lean-to-steer. ​High-quality and safe ​with a ​long lifespan, you ​can use ​it for a long time.

  • Durable PU seat with built-in safety cushion
  • Easy to control
  • Safe and durable
  • Easy to adjust
  • Some users found that the seat is too small

VIRO Rides Vega electric scooter

Viro Rides, a scooter company, is committed to making life easier for people everywhere. Whether you’re working out or traveling for leisure, Viro Rides, with its state-of-the-art electric vehicles, offers you unparalleled efficiency in urban environments and on public transportation. With their Rides and Vega, they’ve expanded their line-up to include a two-wheeled vehicle, the Viro Vega that allows you to travel for pleasure as well as work out.

VIRO Rides Vega foldable electric scooter with seat

The VIRO Rides ​Vega 2-in-1 ​Transforming Electric Scooter ​& Mini ​Bike, Green is ​the ideal ​solution for any ​age group ​and rider weight. ​With a ​lever-operated throttle and ​thumb switch, ​the Viro 2-in-1 ​features a ​fully adjustable handlebar ​for optimal ​riding height. The ​Viro 2-in-1 ​can be ridden ​as an ​electric scooter for ​a maximum ​speed of up ​to 5mph ​and up to ​10mph when ​transformed into a ​MiniBike.

It’s ​easy to ride ​and handle, ​and it offers ​many safety ​features to keep ​you and ​others around you ​safe, including ​an adjustable handlebar ​for optimal ​height control, a ​lever-activated disc ​brake, and a ​rearview mirror ​that gives you ​a 360º ​view of the ​road ahead. ​It can reach ​top speeds ​of up to ​10mph, and ​its motor delivers ​smooth torque ​while climbing inclines ​up to ​45°.

  • Eco-friendly and safe
  • Low standover height
  • Thumb switch for throttle
  • The handlebar is not adjustable

Razor E200S electric scooter

The Razor E200S ​electric scooter ​is the right ​option for ​you if you’re ​looking for ​a fun and ​easy way ​to get around. ​Light and ​compact, this model ​has eight ​air-filled tires and ​is able ​to reach speeds ​of up ​to 12 mph. ​It also ​features a 200-watt ​motor and ​a 40-minute ride ​time, allowing ​you to explore ​for hours ​at a time. ​In addition, ​it’s easy to ​control with ​throttle and brakes ​and comes ​equipped with a ​rear cargo ​basket. The E200S ​electric scooter ​is a quality ​product that’s ​ready for the ​day you ​decide to hit the road.

Razor E200S foldable electric scooter with seat

It’s light enough ​for anyone ​to maneuver through ​traffic or ​enjoy the outdoors. ​Its air-filled ​tires provide a ​smooth ride ​and ensure comfort ​over every ​terrain. Plus, it ​comes equipped ​with an easy-to-use ​remote keyless ​ignition. You control ​the speed ​with the push ​of a ​button. And the ​best part ​is you can ​choose from ​7 different color ​combinations.

Easy ​to maneuver, thanks ​to its ​8-inch pneumatic tires, ​this scooter ​is also equipped ​with a ​spring-loaded kickstand for ​the ultimate ​on-the-go experience. A ​comfortable seat ​will keep you ​riding smoothly ​for longer, while ​the included ​battery charger makes ​charging easy. ​Thanks to the ​durable, low-maintenance ​Seal battery system, ​this scooter ​will last for years.

  • Eco-friendly and safe
  • Easy to ride and handle
  • Lightweight and compact
  • The battery life is not very long

 Razor EcoSmart Metro and SUP Electric Scooter

The EcoSmart series is now with a maintenance-free hub-driven motor! The quiet, high torque, 350-watt motor boasts an up to 15.5 mph (25 km/h) max speed. The soft padded seat and wide bamboo deck make for plenty of footroom and a cushy, stylish ride. The air-filled 16″ tires (406 mm) provide a smoother, safer ride on uneven terrain.

The comfortable, twist-grip hand throttle and hand brake provide ease of control. The rear-wheel drive shifts weight to the rear, enhancing both drive traction and ease of steering. The detachable luggage rack and basket make it easy to tote your groceries, books, or bags. Up to 12 miles (19 km) on a single charge.

Razor ecosmart foldable electric scooter with seat

Razor’s new EcoSmart ​Metro and ​SUP electric scooters ​combine smart ​technology and a ​stylish design ​for a ride ​that won’t ​break the bank. ​Offering superior ​comfort, speed, handling, ​and value, ​they’re perfect for ​commuting, running ​errands, going for ​walks, and ​exploring your neighborhood ​on a ​budget. Plus, with ​a lightweight ​body and compact ​folding design, ​these electric scooters ​are easy ​to transport and ​store, making ​them the perfect ​addition to ​your everyday travel ​routine.

This ​eco-friendly and environmentally ​friendly scooter ​will be your ​favorite companion ​for years to ​come. This ​is the ideal ​companion for ​your daily commute. ​The soft ​padded seat provides ​extra comfort, ​and the wide, ​bamboo deck ​provides a cushy ​ride and ​extra room to ​load your ​stuff.

  • Lightweight and stable
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Super comfortable seat
  • Sturdy frame
  • Not for off-road use

Top 8 Best Electric Scooter For 6 Year Old

Hiboy S2 Electric Scooter

Hiboy’s S2 electric ​scooter is ​the perfect commuter. ​It folds ​easily for easy ​storage and ​transport and is ​easy to ​charge. It has ​solid front ​and rear tires, ​making it ​safe to ride ​and easy ​to maneuver around ​traffic. This ​scooter is equipped ​with a ​powerful lithium battery ​and a ​USB port for ​charging while ​you ride, and ​its foldable ​frame makes it ​convenient to ​store at home ​or in ​the office. A ​folding car ​seat that connects ​directly to ​the scooter, and ​comes in ​an optional adult-size ​model, is ​available for a comfortable ride.

Hiboy S2 foldable electric scooter with seat

The electric scooter ​is powered ​by a 350W ​electric brushless ​hub motor which ​enables it ​to reach speeds ​up to ​19mph. It has ​a long ​travel range of ​up to ​17 miles under ​specific conditions. ​Its extreme smoothness ​when accelerating ​and turning makes ​it suitable ​for commute use. ​Its front, ​middle, and rear ​three lights ​will help you ​reach home ​safely and easily.

​It comes ​with a detachable ​seat for ​the convenience of ​storage. With ​its unique app ​system, you ​can lock the ​scooter, to ​customize the speed ​and cruise ​control, so as ​to better ​suit the users’ ​preferences. It ​can work with ​both iPhone ​and Android smartphones. ​In order ​to ensure the ​longevity and ​quality of the ​product, we ​provide a 1-year ​warranty and ​6 6-month warranty ​for different ​parts. Please feel ​free to ​contact us for further information.

  • Easy to fold and store
  • Fast charging
  • Long-range
  • Comfortable Seat
  • The battery is not replaceable

Yume D4+ electric scooter

Yume D4+ Powerful 10″ Dual Motor 2000W Pneumatic Tire Up to 40Mile 40MPH Foldable Electric Scooter with Seat for Adults, Yume D4 is designed to satisfy the requirements of any outdoor sports enthusiast and the ideal companion for city trips. Thanks to its powerful 10-inch dual motor, the scooter will provide you with an extraordinary experience from the first to the last moment, allowing you to enjoy any outdoor activities from mountain climbing to off-road riding, and crossing rivers and fields with no difficulty.

 Yume D4+  foldable electric scooter with seat

The battery is ​located at ​the front of ​the scooter ​so it’s very ​easy to ​store in the ​car trunk ​and carry wherever ​you go. ​Powered by two ​powerful and ​long-lasting 2000W motors, ​this is ​an amazing scooter ​for commuting, ​school, or even ​weekend shopping. ​It’s designed to ​give you ​an easy ride ​and comes ​with a 52v ​23.4Ah high-capacity ​lithium-ion battery and ​reaches a ​maximum speed of ​40mph.

It ​is also equipped ​with a ​large front wheel ​and a ​pneumatic tire that ​offers excellent ​traction and stability ​and folds ​easily, allowing it ​to fit ​perfectly in any ​storage space. ​What’s more, the ​Yume D4 ​is equipped with ​a seat ​that allows adults ​to rest ​comfortably, as well ​as a ​speed of up ​to 40 ​miles per hour ​with acceleration ​to reach speeds ​up to ​22mph, providing you ​with an ​exhilarating ride with ​no danger ​whatsoever.

  • Easy to ride and maneuver
  • Simple to maintain
  • Compact design
  • Not suitable for children

What are the advantages of electric scooters with seats?

Electric scooters with ​seats offer ​several advantages

Comfortable Commuting: ​The presence of ​a seat ​makes the ride ​more comfortable, ​especially for longer ​distances, as ​riders can sit ​and relax ​while traveling

Reduced Physical ​Effort: Unlike traditional ​scooters or ​bicycles, electric scooters ​with seats ​do not require ​manual pedaling ​or pushing, making ​it easier ​for riders to ​move around ​without exerting physical ​effort.

Increased Range: Electric ​scooters with ​seats often have ​larger batteries ​and motors, which ​can provide ​a longer range ​per charge ​compared to standing ​scooters. This ​extended range allows ​riders to ​cover more distance ​without worrying ​about recharging frequently.

Stability ​and Balance: Having ​a seat ​on the scooter ​provides additional ​stability and balance, ​making it ​easier for riders ​to maintain ​control, especially at ​lower speeds ​or when stopping.

    Environmentally ​Friendly: Electric scooters ​produce zero ​emissions while running, ​contributing to ​a cleaner environment ​and reduced ​carbon footprint compared ​to gas-powered ​vehicles.

    Cost-Effective: ​Operating an ​electric scooter is ​generally cheaper ​than using a ​car or ​gas-powered scooter. They ​require less ​maintenance, and the ​cost of ​electricity for charging ​is often ​lower than gasoline ​expenses.

    Accessible for Different ​Ages: Electric ​scooters with seats ​are suitable ​for a wide ​range of ​age groups, including ​older adults ​and people with ​mobility issues, ​who may find ​it challenging ​to use traditional ​standing scooters.

    Convenient Storage: ​Many electric ​scooters with seats ​are foldable, ​making them easy ​to store ​in small spaces ​or carry ​on public transport.

    Fun ​and Practical: Electric ​scooters offer ​a fun and ​enjoyable way ​to commute, run ​errands, or ​explore the surroundings ​while still ​being a practical ​mode of ​transportation.

    Overall, electric ​scooters with ​seats combine comfort, ​convenience, and ​eco-friendliness, making them ​an appealing ​choice for various commuting needs.

    Buying Guide| best electric scooter with foldable seat

    Electric scooters with seats offer a comfortable and practical transportation solution for urban commuters and recreational riders alike. However, with the abundance of options available in the market, choosing the right electric scooter with a seat can be a daunting task. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compiled a comprehensive buying guide that highlights essential factors to consider before purchasing your ideal electric scooter.

    Purpose of Use: First, determine the primary purpose of your electric scooter. Are you looking for a daily commuter for short distances, or do you plan to use it for leisurely rides on weekends? Different models cater to various needs, so understanding your intended usage will help narrow down your choices.

    Range and Battery Life: The range refers to the maximum distance an electric scooter can travel on a single charge. Consider the typical distance you’ll be covering daily and choose a scooter with a range that comfortably covers your regular commute. Keep in mind that factors like rider weight, terrain, and speed can influence the actual range. Additionally, pay attention to the battery charging time, as shorter charging periods will reduce downtime and increase convenience.

    Motor Power and Speed: The motor power directly impacts the scooter’s performance. Higher-wattage motors generally offer better acceleration and hill-climbing abilities. Electric scooters with seat attachments typically have motors ranging from 250W to 500W. Consider your desired speed and terrain to select an appropriate motor power that suits your needs.

    Comfort and Suspension: One of the main advantages of electric scooters with seats is the added comfort they provide. Look for a well-padded and ergonomically designed seat to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. Additionally, check for suspension features such as front or dual shock absorbers, as they can greatly improve ride comfort, especially on rough or uneven surfaces.

    Weight and Portability: Portability is crucial, especially if you’ll need to carry your electric scooter occasionally. Look for lightweight models that offer a foldable design for easy storage and transportation. Some scooters even come with a trolley mode, allowing you to roll the folded scooter like luggage.

    Tire Type: Tire type greatly affects the ride quality and maintenance requirements of an electric scooter. Pneumatic (air-filled) tires are excellent for shock absorption and a smoother ride, but they are more susceptible to punctures and require periodic maintenance. On the other hand, solid or airless tires are virtually maintenance-free but may provide a slightly bumpier ride.

    Braking System: Reliable braking is essential for rider safety. Most electric scooters feature a combination of electronic (regenerative) and mechanical brakes. Disc brakes and drum brakes are common options, and they offer strong stopping power even at higher speeds. Always test the brakes before purchasing to ensure they meet your expectations.

    Legal Considerations: Before buying an electric scooter with a seat, familiarize yourself with the local laws and regulations regarding electric scooter usage. Some places may have specific requirements for scooters’ maximum speed, motor power, or helmet usage. Ensuring that your chosen scooter complies with local regulations will help you avoid potential fines or legal issues.

    Reviews and Brand Reputation: Research customer reviews and ratings for the electric scooter models you are interested in. Pay attention to feedback regarding reliability, build quality, customer service, and overall satisfaction. Choosing a reputable brand with a history of producing quality products can significantly enhance your buying experience.


    We hope that ​you enjoyed ​reading our post. ​We write ​these articles to ​help people ​like you find ​the information ​you need to ​make the ​best decision for ​yourself! If ​you have any ​questions or ​concerns about the ​best foldable ​electric scooter with ​seat, ​please contact us anytime in the comment section.

    FAQs of best electric scooter with foldable seat

    Can I remove the seat if I prefer to stand while riding?

    In many cases, yes. Some foldable electric scooters with seats have a detachable seat, allowing you to switch between seated and standing riding modes. Check the product specifications or manual to see if the seat is removable on the model you are interested in.

    How long does the Yume D4 last?

    The Yume D4 is made of lightweight and durable materials and has high power. It can be used for a long time. It is made to last for years and will last for many years. It is designed to be easy to fold and store, making it convenient to use.

    How much does the Yume D4 cost?

    The Yume D4 is priced well below $200 and is a great value for money. It is easy to fold and store and is made of lightweight and durable materials. It is suitable for both boys and girls and is suitable for all ages.

    What is the weight capacity of foldable electric scooters with seats?

    Foldable electric scooters with seats typically have weight capacities ranging from 220 to 265 lbs (100 to 120 kg). It’s crucial to consider your weight and any additional load (such as a backpack) to ensure you stay within the recommended weight limit.

    Are foldable electric scooters with seats suitable for off-road use?

    While foldable electric scooters with seats are designed primarily for urban use, some models have robust tires and suspension systems that can handle light off-road conditions. However, they are not as suitable for rough terrain as specialized off-road electric scooters.

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